and you


is in

the beat of sin

the pulse of love

his breath on my neck

greens and blues

hues done up in a salty breeze

mud on my feet

and you.

Anna K Peters



Just Me

I’ll never fit

into it

like them





Lost and found.

Square not round.

Just me.

Anna K Peters




Grab Hold

Don’t mistake poison for love
and die
trying to prove it.

Don’t join the masquerade of fear
dress yourself up in their lies
and then disappear.

Don’t rise with a weakened heart
and move like the dead.
She said,

“The day rides with the sun
so grab hold while you can
and fly.

And at the end of the day
kiss the moon goodnight
and fly.”

She said,
“Just be you.”
“Just be you.”

Anna K Peters

Love in a Backseat


We were in your jeep; driving.
Going nowhere.
Just before dusk.
You, me
and nothing but the country.
Tall grass and endless fields
of tangled trees.
I could smell freedom in the breeze;
and blue sky.
I closed my eyes
and you held my hand.
Then we made love
in that tattered old backseat.
I think I’ll always be
in love
with our memory.

Anna K Peters