Maybe Tomorrow

Savoring Time20 years from now
I can see us
I can see you
where you always are and where I know you’ll always be…
with me,
right by my side.
By then, the fault-line
between me and my sanity
will be gone.
But you’ll stay
ever intent
on finding me again.
Finding the “why” behind my mind, and
the “where” hiding where I’ve gone.
Having left you with a shell of me,
a sick joke, a trick…
In the morning you’ll come, your heart desperate to connect.
For a moment, your sweet lips will rest on mine,
imagining the warmth of my kiss,
the rapture of relief in what is known
and understood.
A bittersweet, split second dream
that always ends.
Tomorrow you’ll come again
and sit by my side.
You’ll take my hand
the ache of your broken heart
a roar in your head
and you’ll think, and hope, and plead with the silence
…maybe tomorrow… 

Anna K Peters


hold on

Wrinkles in time
weeks nestled in months they pass
forgotten words
love comes then goes
days mixed with hope
they go
colored by life
the black
the red
the dreams we had
“Hold on” he said
Hold on.

Anna K Peters


Revisiting the past….my writing, memories, time. Originally posted back in 2015, this is the new, revised version.


I want to close
my eyes
and walk.

Guided by
each space

The roots of the trees
the measure of wind

Their bountiful voice
a smattering of words

Oh to close
my eyes
and rest.

Life’s gentle purr
on the breeze
where sassafras sings.

Sweet life
I am

Anna K Peters

I tried to tell

I told him you know.
I tried.
Maybe he didn’t hear clearly
my words
hidden between
the lines of gasping and choking
as I was drowning
and now they stare at him wandering
and now they can’t hear me when I say
I tried to tell him.

Anna K Peters