Heat awakens me, stirs and moves, consumes and loves me.  I feel it, just as the warmth of loving arms which hold and comfort, protect and pierce my heart.  Yes, skin on skin, hand in hand, a whisper to our souls, as the whims of or our hearts come and touch then flee and go.  Skin on skin, oh how it moves…me.

Not only skin, but the sun. Born of heat and fire, rays which break through, piercing the clouds – just as my heart.  Darkness concedes and I am overcome.  The sun, its warmth and strength and light, oh how it moves… me.

Let’s not forget the wind.  Here and there and everywhere it blows.  Ever changing.  Whipping and lashing, caressing and bathing.  Sun, rain, or maybe snow.  The wind, its breath and power, oh how it moves…me.

The feel of a song breaching the walls of your heart.  The touch of a verse, as though it were written just for you.  Leaves shrouded in the colors of Fall toppling on your head, like a child at play.

Yes, these are the things which prick and pierce.  Oh how they move…me.


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