Father and mother
two better than one
two hearts to lift up
their daughters and sons.

I clung to that dream
where laughing and smiling and caring and loving
where hugs and kisses were abundantly given…..by two
hearts bleeding, I clung, season thru season.

But together as father and mother
we hurt them,
our daughters and sons
we hurt them and scarred them.

No more scars can we leave
on their innocent souls
our union exchanged
the dream lost to its toll
of a father and mother;
two leading and guiding, validating and loving
two to hold and to comfort, provide for and watch over
two to be proud and laugh with, to share with and grow with

Now mother it is
how I love them so
my greatest desire
is to make sure they know;
They are loved and cherished and valued by me.
Their hearts are the Everything I long to protect.
Their dreams are the wings on which I want them to believe…..they can fly.
What breaks their sweet hearts breaks mine just the same.
I will never leave them.  I will never stop loving them.
When I fail them I remind them they are worthy of more.
They deserve safety and rest, how I long to restore
I will always try harder. I will make sure they know….

My dearest loves,
my daughters and sons
how I love you so.


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