The last few days, in my bits and pieces of quiet…….these things, memories, their chatter won’t stop.  So compelled to remind me of this and that. Some memories, like the opening and closing of a door, come and go. Some so alive. Their voices not fleeting.  Palpable.  Tangible.  Undeniable. Unstoppable.

So, here we are.  Pen to paper. Memories. Random to most.  Yet, for me, partnered with the tangible….. in the then. I’m being implored to convey, do watch for the names of those who shared today.

Every night, I’d lay in bed. I couldn’t see him, but I knew he was there, in his recliner, the M.A.S.H theme playing.
Says Anxious and UNsettled

The never-ending, torturous tunes of 61 Country on our car radio.
Says Annoyed and ANNOYED

Dancing in my tiny pink Tu-Tu, lip-syncing to Queen of Hearts by Juice Newton.
Says Happy and Sad

Mother as she lay in that hospital bed.  Her life lost.
Says HEARTbroken and Sad,
and Forced

The “blue house”. Rage sets it a blaze.  Strength screams,”You didn’t break me!” Broken cries “Why?”, and Longing dreams of “what if.”

Her eyes, the breath of sorrow.  Lost in herself.  Mother.
Says UNworthy and Bitter

My Easy Bake Oven.  Her treats so delectable.  Could it be true?
Says COMFORTed and Free

My pink Holly Hobby Bedspread, always made.  I followed the rules.
Says Cozy and Happy

Monsters under my bed, or so my baby sitter said.
Says Scared and Unsafe

Monopoly and Life……against my brother.  I often lost and was a sore loser.
Says PLAYful

Singing myself to sleep.  Every night.
SaysTenacious and BROKEn

Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The crack of light, the door she hid behind, protect she did not,
as a mother should.
Screams Paralyzed and Enraged and Empty

The rest have gone quiet.
For now.
Good night.


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