Our “It”


We so often choose (yes choose) to let people or things define who we are.  And sometimes their definition becomes our truth.  The lighthouse, our compass, lost in a fog of liars and stealers.  We reach out for something, someone to save us.  And on the wings of a dragon in rides our savior.  Perfectly disguised, we see release and love and calm riding in.

To the It we now turn to guide our way.  Not only to guide but to govern and define us.  “Too good to be true” is almost always too good to be true.  Our logic battles but always loses.  In these times it feels so much better to drown in; love which feels like no other, the best of all highs, the illusion of control.

Now we believe our It has saved us.  Even though deep in our hearts we know It will destroy us. Yet for some unimaginably wreckless and heartbreaking reason we choose (yes choose) to follow It further – deeper.  Slowly and subtly It steals every part of us, It controls and defines us.  A puppet on Its string, we always follow.  We gave up our boundaries so long ago.  Yet to this thing we still cling.  Our survival now depends on the It which has claimed us.  Somehow we manage to justify Its abuse….all for that hit; of being desired and wanted, of escape and control.

The choice is ours, it’s always waiting.  But our greatest fears
lie in the choosing.  If the It isn’t there to define who we are…then who are we?

That’s easy.  We are overcomers.  We are stronger than all of It.  We are Survivors.


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