On Rote Memorization – Irrelevant Redundancy

I’m not annoyed at all. It’s the wee hours of the morning in the middle of these United States. Three, maybe four hours of sleep is surely enough. I’ve only got 4 little hearts to love, bodies to feed, minds to grow and a band concert in there somewhere. All tomorrow, or should I say today. Woes me…..yes, I know.

I’m being sarcastic. Yes, I’m being redundant. But that’s clearly OK. Rote and redundant, both work sometimes. Sometimes effective and worthwhile. Sometimes such a waste of time and horribly ineffective. Having just spent 4 hours wasting my time in a horribly ineffective manner, I’m allowed a bit of an annoyed nature. Because I said so.

All for a piece of paper.  Which, in my mind, is good for nothing more than to show that I stuck it through. Persevered. Suffered through completely irrelevant yet required classes.

If I were hiring me, my greatest interest would not be in whether I held a degree. I don’t deny the determination and character reflected in the finishing.  But…..maybe I’m in the minority.  For me this degree will do nothing more than show I finished.  And finishing, persevering, doing my best, being relevant…..well there are many other ways I can show, reflect and demonstrate that I have and will always be them all.

The lovely “I’m TIRED” bags will assuredly appear tomorrow under my eyes.  And off I’ll go to take my test. Which, for me, is simply a test of my memory……and has nothing to do with knowledge I’ve actually digested and will retain.

I strongly dislike hate sacrificing my sleep in vain.


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