I don’t remember how, or why I began, only how difficult it was to stop. This is a poem I wrote almost 4 years ago when the pain I felt INSIDE was ravaging and tangible.  So desperately I LONGED to get “it” out of me. And no one knew.  BUT, I am still here.  No longer choosing their definition of me……I choose mine.  Please, choose you……save yourself. It is never too late.  Let your scars heal.  Let them reflect your strength and determination to stop.You are WORTH IT!


“Rest!  Come rest with us here!”

Anticipation teases

Sorrow chases

Fear betrays us.



If I could cut “it” out of me

I would.

If I could beat “it” out of me

I’d find a hammer.

If I could set it ablaze

then please,

I beg you,

strike a match and light the fire.

“It” never stops chasing me


I am tired of running.


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