That I might Breathe

I write because…

I can’t not write.
Words are like flies.
Their incessant buzzing.
They never stop.
I write because I must.
These words, my words
I believe in their encumbering convictions
I believe in their truths and reasons to be written.
I ache if I cannot; when I do not write.
Alas!  Their bellowing voices unceasing.
Rising, no captivating
their stories behold.
My words; their journey
hitched a ride long ago.
Such as Sorrow, her voice
begging to be heard.
These words, their voices
having birthed in the living.
Each with a story
desperate to be written.
and Stupid
 and Desired
Lust and Lies
Comfy and Cozy
Desolation and Disparity
Why, What if and 
Even now as I stop
rather than listing them all,
I can hear them howling
“Come!  Please let us out!”
Yes I will write.
I will write
so that I might breathe.


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