Favorites Finished

A list of my likes
I would like to not list.
I would like for something easier
than a list such as this.

Nevertheless, here I must go.
this list of my likes,
please see below.

It is the:
Several, symbolic, sentiments of “S”;
Sassy, Sarcastic, Solitary, Sophisticated, Sensuous, Sensible, Super, Smart, Super-Smart, Survivor.

Many, marvelous, memories of “M”;
Milk and cookies set out for Santa.  Moments filled with real hugs and kisses.  Meandering play on bright sunny days.

Comfy, cozy, confections of “C”;
Chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cream pie.  Chicken and dumplings.  Cheddar and chives.

Determined, decided, drive of “D”;
Defeating the demons.  Drowning the darkness.  Dancing in the delights of assured and definitive.

Fabulous, final, finale of “F”;
Finite bits of fictitious yet far more of definite. Fantastically finished.

She likes the DONE of this!


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