These Trees do Talk



small, overwhelmed, weary, alone.

a lie

cut-off, discarded, afraid, alone.


misunderstood, wounded, deserted, alone.

their invisible eyes rest upon knowing limbs, see her

beaten, lost, abused, alone.

their declaration muffled, one to the other

empty, damaged, flawed, alone.

their wisdom departed, held by the hush

unsure, wishful, exhausted, alone.

Cottonwood and Oak, Maple and Spruce, agreed

Quieted, Awed, Encouraged, Embraced.

their parting now intent to show her the way



2 thoughts on “These Trees do Talk

  1. Thank you Haafgar! It wasn’t an intentional reference to Snow White but I can see why you might draw that inference. This picture evoked a lot of feelings for me and this was my attempt to give those feelings a voice. :).


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