Emotional Swords

Discouraged, tethering its hooks sneers;
Why didn’t you just..?
You should have just…Everything was ok until you…
How are you going to…?

Wishful longs;
Why did I…?
Why didn’t I…?
I wish…

Overwhelmed hums;
You’ve got this and this and this and this and this.
And now this means that which means they won’t….
you won’t….can’t……
so how?

Failure; her implications more powerful than words spoken;
It’s your fault this.
It’s your fault that.
It’s all your fault because you… failed.

Defeat whispers;
Look what you did.  Look what happened.
Things will never get better. 
They’ll never change.
Just give up.


Defiance demands and proclaims;
Fault doesn’t make failure!

The Past, her voice those of many pleads;
Don’t let us lead you.

Promise echos;
Fight, finish, live and I promise….
The prize is your heart;
but first you must finish.  

Who sacrificed for you?
Even so, you sacrifice.
A great price to pay.
But Kristy, where would you be
if others had loved you enough to
pay this same price.

Anna K Peters




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