and then came Summer

And then came Summer;
and then she crashed.
Truth is she’d seen it there; coming.
And she’d wished it;
even pretended it
a w a y.
She’s in recovery now.
Riding and fighting the highs and lows
like those of the untamed sea.
She has no claim to the reigns it seems.
It can be terrifying.
But she must; she can never give up.
She is needed here, you see.
And maybe, finally, hopefully she understands
that pain isn’t a requirement
of love.

©Anna K. Peters

I’ve found it hard keeping up with my blog while also posting on Instagram during this chaotic time in my life.  I’ve taken to writing much shorter pieces and posting daily on Instagram @slayingtheembers.  Check me out over there if you like.

And, one small note; when I started this blog my heart and world was in a state of chaos. I only wanted to get the words weighing on my chest OUT.  I never stopped to consider how I signed off on what I wrote.  That has now changed but KP and Anna K. Peters are one in the same, both me.   🙂

I’ll still be posting here, when time allows.

Happy Independence Day!


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