I took a walk
blind to all
but what my mind imposed.
Two lovers, intertwined on a park bench
A man viciously ravaging a whore
in the stench
of the weighted and wet, filthy air.
And somewhere in between
was me.
I walked on
sheathed in glistening silk
your gift to me.
The brutalized bitch in me screaming,
“You will never break me.”
a gift to those already broken.


Unseen Angels

Tis the way of the day creeping and sneaking
nevertheless, this confident companion
goes trapped in a screen fleeting; unseen

Birds their songs stifled by wrongs
knowing new isn’t always enough
to bring back their songs

Bathed in the sun she lay
as the eyes of the sky peek in
her sword discarded by dismay

Great eyes of sorrow peered down
“Taken” they weep
now invisible tears without a sound

Nevertheless resilience harbors determined hope
imaginary castles, their kings and queens come alive
the real and imaginary come; elope

Bathed in the sun she lay
as the eyes of the sky peek in
her sword discarded by dismay

There a child still wishing on stars
as unseen angels dance.


I Stand

Image Courtesy of Gabriel Rezende Souza @ FreeImages.com

It’s all a jumble in my head
words competing and screaming
truth hushed by the highway of defeat
I find myself flailing
stumbling along in this dry desert
clinging to the hint of madness
running away from OK
why the bottom of the well when
I know what it holds?
why the search for gasoline when
I know how much the fire hurts?
I have already won
even still
this ravaged battlefield
littered with bits and pieces of me
holds power.

Nevertheless, I stand.

Emotional Swords

Discouraged, tethering its hooks sneers;
Why didn’t you just..?
You should have just…Everything was ok until you…
How are you going to…?

Wishful longs;
Why did I…?
Why didn’t I…?
I wish…

Overwhelmed hums;
You’ve got this and this and this and this and this.
And now this means that which means they won’t….
you won’t….can’t……
so how?

Failure; her implications more powerful than words spoken;
It’s your fault this.
It’s your fault that.
It’s all your fault because you… failed.

Defeat whispers;
Look what you did.  Look what happened.
Things will never get better. 
They’ll never change.
Just give up.


Defiance demands and proclaims;
Fault doesn’t make failure!

The Past, her voice those of many pleads;
Don’t let us lead you.

Promise echos;
Fight, finish, live and I promise….
The prize is your heart;
but first you must finish.  

Who sacrificed for you?
Even so, you sacrifice.
A great price to pay.
But Kristy, where would you be
if others had loved you enough to
pay this same price.

Anna K Peters



“Just this once”


power_in_our_hands_by_doccoI know the sickening scent at the bottom of the well.
I’ve felt the
maddening ache of self-hatred and
what feels like an inability to be free.

I understand the inner battle between staying and fleeing.
I know the
emotional state which does
galvanize calculated ideas of the end.

I know the riveting, all-encompassing poison
found in our belief that we are alone.
Hope-LESS, power-LESS, life-LESS;
I have experienced them all, more than once, more than twice.

Followed by the hiss of, “just this once.”
Just this one cut or just this one hit or just this one drink
or just this one bit of porn or just this one self-deprecating act
just one more, just this once.

Has it ever been “just this once?”
Has it ever eased the pain
just once?

Tomorrow will rise from the never before.
Slumber a reprieve from our sorrow and shame.
Time has been waiting
for you to take its hand.

let fear
fracture your